Academic Sustainability Program

Faculty: click here to add a course to the Sustainability Studies Minor. 

To complete the minor in Sustainability Studies, students must take one elective in any three of the following categories:

  1. Engineering, Technology, & Design
  2. Natural & Physical Sciences
  3. Social & Human Sciences
  4. Arts & Humanities

At least six of your elective credits must be earned at the 3000 level or above. Study abroad credits and credits earned in SUST 4900 (independent study) may count towards any distribution category.

Courses listed below are pre-approved for credit toward the minor. When possible, contact information for the regular instructor, the semester(s) in which the course is normally taught, and prerequisites (PR) have been listed to facilitate your planning.

Download a list of Sustainability Studies Electives offered during Summer 2021

Download a list of Sustainability Studies Electives offered during Fall 2021

If you declared your minor prior to May 2020, click here to see the old requirements.

For questions related to advising, contact the CLA Advisor for Sustainability, Ross Blair.

If you would like to count a course that is not on this list toward your minor, consider creating a course contract.

SUST 2000 students on a field trip to the Old Rotation
INTL 1977 students in Costa Rica
HIST 3550 students in Tuskegee National Forest

Last modified: January 21, 2022