Bike committee presentation with bike routes on the screen

Dr. Bhavnani speaking to students in the Solar House

Students on the Water Tour

Green School Award


The mission of the Academic Sustainability Program is to support and encourage interdisciplinary teaching and research that incorporates sustainability principles in all academic units on campus, and to enhance interaction between campus operations and academic activities in sustainability.

We provide services in 4 main areas:


  1. Oversight of the Interdisciplinary Minor in Sustainability Studies.
  2. Support for faculty seeking to incorporate  sustainability themes in the classroom via curriculum development workshops and consultation.
  3. Support for the development of interdisciplinary research programs and collaborations that include ideas and issues in sustainability.
  4. Coordination with the Office of Sustainability and Facilities Management to enhance the use of campus operations as examples and projects in our courses and research, and to use our research and teaching to inform and support the development of sustainable operations on campus.

Last modified: May 13, 2020