Faculty Workshops


Since 2006, Academic Sustainability Programs has sponsored biannual 2-day workshops for faculty interested in incorporating sustainability into their curricula. Faculty members from all disciplines across campus are welcome. Those who participate in these biannual May workshops then spend the summer revising their syllabi for selected courses, or creating new courses, and by August end up with finished changes to their curriculum.

The Fall Line Project, named for the position of Auburn at the geographic interface between the hard rock of the uplands and the sandy soils of the coastal plains, is based on the nationally recognized Piedmont Project at Emory University. In 2019, the Fall Line workshop took place on May 7 and 8 at the Auburn University Mary Olive Thomas Demonstration Forest.

Participating faculty receive a $500 award payment, upon completion of a revised or new course syllabus as a result of participation in the workshop. See the award guidelines at the link below.

Faculty who are interested in participating in our next workshop are invited to peruse the most recent application forms and other workshop information at the links below, and to send a request for further information to: Dr. Nanette Chadwick, Director of Academic Sustainability Programs, chadwna@auburn.edu.

Last modified: June 26, 2019