Academic Sustainability Program

Fall 2021 Research Symposium: Water in History

This interdisciplinary symposium will explore the ways in which water has shaped human history and how humans have related to water in their built and natural environments. More details are available here.

Spring 2022 Research Symposium: Environmental Humanities

A showcase of humanistic research on the environment, featuring faculty from the departments of English, World Languages, History, Art & Art History, Theater, Philosophy, and more. More details are available here.

Image: Annie Campbell, Cajal Embroidery Project

Fall 2022 Research Symposium: Climate Resilience

Researchers from across the university working on issues of climate resiliency, from the perspectives of community development, agricultural adaptation, environmental justice, and more. More details are available here.

Image: Levee damage in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Wikimedia Commons

Last modified: May 7, 2021