Sustainability Curriculum and Research

Sustainability brainstorming on whiteboard

Every 3 years, the Academic Sustainability Program completes inventories of all research and teaching activities on campus that relate to sustainability studies. These inventories are completed as part of Auburn University's participation in the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). For guidelines on the preparation of these inventories, and information about Auburn's most recent Silver STARS rating in 2016, see​

Comments or questions about Auburn University's sustainability research and teaching inventories maybe submitted to the Director of Academic Sustainability Programs, Dr. Nanette Chadwick, at

Detailed inventories for each college at Auburn University are available at the links below:


Inventory of degree and minor programs with sustainability learning outcomes

2016-18 Degrees and Minors Inventory


Inventory of Sustainability Courses

2016-18 Course Inventory

2013-15 Course Inventory

2010-12 Course Inventory


Inventory of Sustainability Research Activities
2016-18 Research Inventory

2013-15 Research Inventory

2010-12 Research Inventory

Last modified: December 4, 2018