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In order to pursue a minor in sustainability studies, students should file a Program of Study, in consultation with the Director of Academic Sustainability Programs as early as possible. As of March 2020, please email Dr. Giovanna Summerfield, College of Liberal Arts Associate Dean for Educational Affairs (with assistance from Melissa Adams, CLA Director of Student Services). The Program of Study is ideally completed within the first semester of taking courses toward the minor. The completion and filing of the Program of Study is a prerequisite to enrolling in the senior capstone class.

Requirements-15 Semester Hours

(9 hours must be at the 3000 level or above, the senior capstone counts for 3 of those hours)

All students are required to take:

  • SUST 2000, Introduction to Sustainability / HONR 1027, Sustainability in the Modern World
  • SUST 5000, Senior Capstone in Sustainability
  • 9 additional hours of electives:
    • At least 3 elective hours outside their major college
    • 6 elective hours must be at the 3000 level or above

I. Knowledge of Sustainability–Required–3 Credit Hours

SUST 2000, Introduction to Sustainability, is required for all student, and is highly recommended to be taken before taking other courses to be applied to the minor. SUST 2000 will be offered in both Fall and Spring semesters and you may begin taking minor elective courses before you take this introductory course.

Prerequisite: minimum of sophomore standing.

**NOTE: SUST 2000 also is approved as a course for the minor in Community and Civic Engagement, which is housed in the College of Liberal Arts. This course may count as credit toward either of these minors, but not toward both at the same time.

II. Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Understanding-9 Credit Hours

Choose 3 courses from the list of sustainability electives.

Choose approved classes that cover at least two principal issues in sustainability: general economic issues, environment, and social justice. There may be classes not on this list that are appropriate for the minor and may be approved by the Director of Academic Sustainability Programs as credit toward completion of the minor.

III. Demonstration of Knowledge–Required–3 Credit Hours

SUST 5000, Senior Capstone in Sustainability, is required for all students.

**NOTE: This course is currently offered only in the Spring semester, so plan your program of study accordingly.

  • SUST 2000
  • Program of Study filed with Director of Academic Sustainability Programs.
  • Completion of at least 6 hours of approved electives.
    • All elective course credits must be completed before or concurrently with the capstone course. Students may take no more than one elective concurrently with this class. Strongly recommended to be taken in senior year.

Last modified: March 30, 2020