2013 Course Syllabi


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Department Course Instructor
Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture CPLN 5070/6070: Cities, Planning & Climate Change Sweta Byahut
Consumer and Design Sciences CAHS 3750: Product Development: Apparel Design Helen Koo
Consumer and Design Sciences CADS 3970: Sustainable Design and LEED Accreditation Amanda Gale
English ENGL 4240: Creative Writing Capstone (Special Projects): Writing the Wild and Sustainable World Keetje Kuipers
English ENGL 5030/6030: Communicating Science: Focus on Sustainability and the Global Climate Change Debate Steward Whittemore
Foreign Languages and Literatures FLIT 1020: Elementary Italian II Nicoletta Serenata and Rosetta Giuliani-Caponeto
Forestry and Wildlife Sciences FOWS 5880/6880: Ecological Economics Yaoqi Zhang
Geology and Geography GEOG 5510/6510: Human-Environment Interaction Phillip Chaney
History HIST 3540: Issues in Technology and Culture: Technology in Utopia Guy Beckwith
Horticulture HORT 2020: Horticulture Crop Production Jay Spiers
Polymer and Fiber Engineering PFEN 5510/6510: Polymer Chemistry Xinyu Zhang
Poultry Science POUL 1000: Introduction to Poultry Science Wallace Berry
Provost Office SUST 2000: Introduction to Sustainability Brian Helms
Materials Engineering MATL 2100: Introduction to Materials Science Jeffrey Fergus
Materials Engineering MATL 2220: Materials and the Environment Jeffrey Fergus

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